I get this Question ALL the time.  QuickBooks Pro 2015 it is an amazing software program for $250, but sometimes is worth it to form up the extra $200 for the Premier Edition 2015, and this is when:

QuickBooks Premier will be mostly for companies with these needs:

  • With Inventory, such as Wholesale & Distribution.  The particular feature people like on this is the Sales Order, not available in Pro, Mac or Online Editions.  The Inventory Center and Item-Specific Price Levels is also a unique feature.
  • Sell at Retail, such as Retail Stores. The particular feature people like are the item-level profitability reports, not available in Pro, Mac or Online Editions.
  • Assemble Items, such as Manufacturing.  The particular feature people like on this is Build Assemblies.  Also the multiple units of measurement are not available in Pro, Mac, or Online Editions.
  • Contracting or Construction.  Because Premier can handle Change Order notations and Job Costing Reports required to prepare Cost to Complete (similar to WIP) reports.
  • Consulting or Professional Services.  Because of the billing rate level feature, not available in Pro, Mac or Online Editions.
  • Non for Profit, Because they can track Balance Sheet by Class (Fund), and has customized reports for profit organizations, not available in Pro, Mac or Online Editions.
  • Property Managers or Home-Owners Associations. Because of its ability to perform batch invoicing with the same item/service to all customer or group of customer in a single batch, not available in Pro, Mac or Online Editions.

There are a few extras you will get with Premier that you will not get with Pro:

  • QuickBooks Premier can have up to 5 simultaneous users, vs. Pro can only have up to 3.
  • Review Reconciliation reports older than last reconciled month.
  • Item-Level Price Levels, allowing you to set multiple price tables for items.  Great for discounts, packages, or pricing for specific client groups.
  • Invoice from time & expenses in batch.
  • Batch invoice all customers, or group of customers the same items/services
  • Multiple units of measurement.  Buy in Dozens, sell in units.
  • Sales Orders.  For creating backorders.  This is a pretty big deal, make or break for most of my clients
  • Create Purchase Orders straight from Estimates and Sales Orders

QuickBooks Premier 2015 should be $150-200 more per user than QuickBooks Pro in the average


We are resellers, so we can answer any technical questions regarding choosing, 1-800-819-6307

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