QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software systems available for small businesses. This is because the application comes within an affordable price and offers easy scalability for growing businesses. Understanding the needs of its users, QuickBooks comes in two versions: an online version that is accessible through the Internet and the desktop version that is accessible through the desktop it is installed on (There is one version that works on the Mac, called QuickBooks Mac;  and 4 different version for Windows: QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Accountant, and QuickBooks Enterprise)


Both QuickBooks version have their own pros and cons as well as unique features that they offer to users. Here are some features of QuickBooks that are unique to the desktop version:

  • The Sales Order function is only available in the desktop version of QuickBooks while the online version only offers a sales tracking system.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop version offers a unique feature: the Inventory assemblies creation. Through it, you can easily carry out inventory management and tracking procedures.
  • The desktop version also allows you to receive partial purchase orders at a time, providing flexibility to both you and other partners in the supply chain.
  • In the desktop version, you have the ability to create balance sheets that are categorized by class. This allows you to understand the performance of your inventory better.
  • This version also allows you to prepare and print your 1099s and to export advance Excel reports.
  • The Desktop version offers complete Budget vs. Accrual Job Costing reports while the online version only offers partial job costing features.
  • In the optional Advance Inventory feature and QuickBooks Enterprise, you can also get additional services like lot and serial number tracking and managing multiple warehouse locations.

Other features that are unique to the QuickBooks desktop version include mileage tracking, progress invoicing, QuickBooks Statement Writer and Item Receipts, the latter which allows you to manage a lot of sales functions within your business in a much better way. If any of these features are important for your business, you should definitely consider getting the desktop version of QuickBooks to get the best results.


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