QuickBooks Enterprise allows both a minimum on hand quantity and a maximum. With Advanced Inventory, this becomes a little more detailed as the amounts can be set by site.

item min max by site

By clicking on the Inventory Site info button in the Edit Item window, the Inventory Site Information screen opens. In this screen minimums and maximums can be set for each site or location.

The quantities are not set by bin location, but by site. If many entries need to be made for a particular site, these numbers can also be accessed from the inventory Site List. List->Inventory Site List.

set min max from inventory site list

The Activities button on the Inventory Site List will access the Set Reorder points window. This window allows the setting of minimum and maximum quantities for any inventory parts for any particular site.

stock ststus by site

Setting the minimum and maximum quantities allows QuickBooks to suggest reorder quantities on the Stock Status report. With Advanced Inventory, the ability to set these limits by site, allows the Stock Status report to compute reorder amounts by site, thus creating the Stock Status by Site report.

In the above screenshot, the report first breaks down into major sections which are the sites specified on the site list. All inventory items with activity or order points within the site, is listed under that site.

The arrow near the top of the report points to a button labeled “Create Auto PO’s”. Selecting this button will allow QuickBooks to create purchase orders that will bring the merchandise counts up to the maximum number specified.

po's suggested

Using the button, QuickBooks displays the above window offering to select the necessary purchase orders to bring quantities back up to their maximum stocking level. The checkmark in the left column determines if the purchase order will be created. Once created, they can be edited by the QuickBooks user before printed or emailed.

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