This is a very common question we get from leads calling our office requesting us to prepare the bookkeeping, accounting, and/or tax returns for 2018, these are the documents we need in order to provide a quote:

  • All 2018 bank statements in PDF downloaded from the bank for the business AND if possible a Excel or CSV export from the bank of all 2018 transactions for each bank account
  • Excel spreadsheet of all non-reimbursed expenses paid from personal accounts (our of pocket) with date, payee amount and memo
  • Check images or list of checks you paid (if the images are not in the statements) with date, payee amount and memo
  • All Credit card and loan statements used for the business for 2017
  • If real estate purchased, we need the complete HUD1 or TILA statements from closing
  • If 2018 is NOT your first year, I need the tax returns and financial statements for 2017
  • If 2018 is the first year, I need a full list of all the owners of the business and amount of capital contributed each during 2017
  • If you plan to include “accrual” information, such as the balance of Open Invoices (not paid during 2018), open payables/bills (not paid during 2018), and/or balance of your Inventory on hand, We would need a list of those in detail as well.
  • If you had payroll (prepared by you or a service) include all the 2018 payroll related reports and tax forms (including W-2s). And, if you owed Payroll taxes by 12/31/2018, please include that balance
  • If you owed Sales Tax to the state by 12/31/2018, please include that balance
  • If you had outstanding checks written in 2018, but not cashed until 2018, please include a list of those

…And/or how about to prepare my business tax return?

First, we love working with clients that have another CPA/EA that they love and trust, and we can simply just play the role of outsourced bookkeeping company for your business; but if you do not have such a relationship with a CPA/EA and would like to work with us, we welcome that business as well.

Now, in terms of pricing… this will depend wether or not we prepared you books:

  • If we prepared your books, we will charge based on our Sample Taxes Price Schedule -minus a 20% discount.. since you already paid us (probably an even higher amount to do the accounting)
  • If you prepare the accounting/bookkeeping internally and you can provide financial statements that are “Tax Return Ready“, then we will charge based in the Sample Tax Return Pricing schedule.


Now, if you are not sure “where” you stand, send us the documents for us to review. This list contains most of the information we would need to prepare the accounting and/or taxes for 2018.  To deliver these documents, you can do one of a few things:

  1. Put all the digital files in a USB flash drive and mail it to our office
  2. Compress all the files into a ZIP file and password protect it, e-mail it to us (then call us with the verbal password)
  3. Send it via dropbox, call us to request a link


Call anyone from our team to start the discussion:


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