Starting the 2019 version of QuickBooks Desktop, Intuit has added a “security” protocol to minimize the amount of data corruption that QuickBooks could potential get from importing IIF files, however, this has increased issue for most people trying to import an IIF file.

So, if you are having issues importing am IIF file (that comes from a reputable source, and you do not have reason to believe that the IIF file itself is the issue) then follow this steps:

  1. Once you have the IIF file in your computer somewhere easy to find (like in the Desktop).  Open the QuickBooks company file you want to import it into, and go to the menus on the top: File, Utilities, Import, IIF Files…
  2. After you click on “IIF Files” the next window ill give you 3 choices: Import IIF, Cancel, or “Import it for me. I’ll fix it Later”.  You will pick the last option: “Import it for me. I’ll fix it Later”
  3. The next step, it is going to recommend you do a Backup, I ALWAYS RECOMMEND TO DO A BACKUP before an IIF import.  So I would recommend that for sure… and then go to Import IIF
  4. Then you will navigate your computer until you find the IIF file you want to import, click on it, and finally click on Open
  5. And finally it should say “You data has been imported.” and you can just click on OK
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