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PPP Forgiveness, list of covered expenses

How can PPP loans be used for forgiveness? The proceeds of a PPP loan are to be used for: Payroll costs: gross wages and company paid retirement contributions, limited to $100k per year equivalent during the covered period Health Insurance: costs related to the continuation of group health care, life, disability, vision, or dental benefits […]

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2021 Tax Season update (letter to our clients)

Jan 1st, 2021 Dear Client, first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR from your Tax Accountant! This is going to be a long email, so make sure to make some time to sit down to read the entire thing when you have time, there is a LOT to process here regarding what you need to know […]

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What is a “tax return ready” financial statement?

… or “Professionally Prepared Financial Statements” Whenever we discuss the price of preparing a Corporate or LLC/Partnership tax return, the concept of “tax return ready” financial statements comes up.  As accountants and bookkeepers, we can play one of two roles (or even both): Prepare Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss report “tax return ready” Prepare […]

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QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum: Warehouse Management App for Android phones

UPATED 11/20/2020 Read this article in conjunction with “What QuickBooks Can or CANNOT do with Inventory” The “Warehouse Management App” available for Android phones (and Combination Phone/Barcode Scanners such as ZEBRA TC21, TC26 or the TC51) has some additional or limited functionality limited to these 3 actions: Sales Order Fulfillment Purchase Order Receiving Cycle Counts […]

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Entity Type Comparison: LLC vs. Corporation vs. Subchapter S

We use a INCFILE to create new entities for our clients. You’ll learn about the four main types of business for profit business entries : LLCs, S Corporations, C Corporations, and Sole Proprietor/Partnerships, one of these should meet your needs. Limited Liability Company (LLC) The LLC is a very popular and common business for. It is well suited […]

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What QuickBooks Online CAN and CANNOT do with Job Costing / Project Tracking

UPDATED 09/01/2020 QuickBooks Online Plus/Advanced is a really great accounting software that is 100% could and deeply connected to banks and credit cards electronically to optimize the data entry workflows What QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced CAN do with Job Costing / Project Tracking: Create Projects that belong to a Customer or Sub-customer Toggle Projects […]

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QuickBooks Online Advanced – User Persmission

QBO Advanced Role setup screen, user permissions explained:     All Sales & Customers: All sales transactions, products and services, and customers This role can: Enter estimates, invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, and refunds Enter charges and credits Create and delete statements Receive payments from customers Fill out timesheets for anyone Add, edit, and delete […]

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What QuickBooks Enterprise CAN and CANNOT do with Inventory

UPDATED 05/03/2021 QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum/Diamond is a really great accounting and inventory management package, specially for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and E-commerce type businesses.  And it has a lot of great features, it does fall short  in many areas where people just expect for it to work. My course on QuickBooks Desktop Inventory Management covers a lot […]

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Open Letter to our colleagues and fellow entrepreneurs regarding COVID-19

Dear Customers, Friends, and fellow Entrepreneurs: As accounting professionals, tax preparers, and members of the small business community, we strive to give the most concise and practical list of items for small business owners and/or taxpayers related to the Federal stimulus package and economic developments from COVID-19.  This email contains a lot of information, so […]

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TAGS in QuickBooks Online

UPDATED 03/11/2020 The new TAGS feature is pretty groundbreaking! here is a video that explains how it works:   A couple of things you need to know first, TAGS are not available in all transactions types, only the following transactions can use tags: Invoices Credit Memos Sales Receipts Refund Receipts Expenses Checks Bills Vendor Credits […]

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Importing an IIF file into QuickBooks Desktop 2019, 2020, and 2021 or newer

Starting the 2019 version of QuickBooks Desktop, Intuit has added a “security” protocol to minimize the amount of data corruption that QuickBooks could potential get from importing IIF files, however, this has increased issue for most people trying to import an IIF file. So, if you are having issues importing am IIF file (that comes […]

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QuickBooks Online Bookmark Shortcuts

A lot of the QuickBooks Online functions can be accessed via direct links, which I strongly recommend to have in your bookmarks area for ready access.  This video explains the process: And you can purchase my complete bookmark set for $25:   Here is a list of all known shortcuts as of Jan 2020: […]

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Why QuickBooks Online ADVANCED?

There is a lot of confusion out there about what QuickBooks Online Advanced is and what is not. For a little context, QuickBooks Online offers 4 versions of the software: $25/month: QuickBooks Simple Start $40/month: QuickBooks Essentials $70/month: QuickBooks Plus $150/month: QuickBooks Advanced You can check out the latest pricing for them and/or sign up […]

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Creating a new “clean” QuickBooks Desktop file

I have many clients that asks me to create a brand new “fresh” QuickBooks Desktop file for their business, because the old file has been corrupted or bloated with too much data.  And there are many ways to set that up, but the fundamental items that we setup : Import Chart of Accounts Import Opening […]

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Convert PDF Bank Statements or CSV files to .QBO for QuickBooks Bank Feeds

Updated 01/06/2020 In a nutshell, if you have a PDF bank statement from your bank or downloaded a CSV file and would like to import it into QuickBooks using Bank Feeds (Online Banking), this is an article you may want to pay attention to. Note: if your bank transaction data is in an EXCEL file, […]

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