Hector’s Rates for NEW Customers:

Remote Training Consulting :

  • $375 Short session ( up to one hour)
  • $650 Long Session (up to two hours)
  • $900 Half Project (Up to 3.5 hours)

Our Doral Office/Training Room: 

  • $750 Long Session (up to two hours) $175 each additional hour
  • $1,000 Half day Group Training (Doral training room, up to three hours)
  • $1,800 Full day Group Training (Doral training room, up to six hours)

On-Site, at your office in South Florida*:

  • $825 Two-Hour session
  • $1050 Half day session  (up to 3.5 hours)
  • $1,500 Full day session (up to seven hours)
 *Additional travel/parking fees may apply, for more than a 25-minute commute from either our Doral office.
**All Prices go up by $100 during tax seasons
If you believe you might have a more comprehensive project and prefer not to want to pay a predetermined time-based fee.  Then you schedule a phone conversation for a 15-minute FREE call with team member to discuss Fixed Pricing options or if you need ongoing/monthly services.  E-mail info@quickbooks-training.net to set up an appointment

For More Information

Call us to 1-800-819-6307 or email: info@quickbooks-training.net