In this EXCEL Tutorial we will discuss different rounding functions that can be utilized to adjust decimals of numbers. Other functions may be nested within the rounding functions so the end result of nested functions is outputted with the chosen amount of digits or decimal places


The INT function returns an integer number (no decimal places):

= INT( number )


The TRUNC function returns a number truncated to a specific number of digits:

= TRUNC( number, digits )


The ROUND function returns a number rounded to a specific number of digits

= ROUND( number, digits )


The following example shows the return result of the INT, TRUNC and ROUND functions on a number with four decimal places. The INT function returns a number without the decimal places.

The TRUNC functions cuts off the number at two digits, while the ROUND function rounds the number to two digits. The TRUNC and ROUND functions returned a different result because the ROUND function returned a number where the decimal was rounded up.

These functions are powerful at manipulating numbers to quickly and easily change number formats to display the desired number of digits.

Download this excel example here.

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