A drop down menu may be useful if you have a cell that has specified values. If an input value for a table is the month, a data validation may be used to insert a drop-down list.

  1. Select a specific cell where you would like the drop down menu to exist
  2. Select the Data tab in Excel and click on Data Validation.
  3. The Data Validation menu appears and under Allow: Select List as shown in the figure below.

  1. Under the Source: you can type in specific values or you can select a list of cells that you would like to be displayed in the drop down menu. Select OK to finalize your list data validation.


  2. The new cell has been list validated and when it is selected arrows appear that show a list of potential allowed inputs for that cell. You can select a value from the list and it will populate in the cell as shown in the below figure.


Dropdown menus can be utilized for many data input features like to select a product type, features or pricing.

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