IF you use ADP for Payroll, and your CPA asks you for the “ADP Reports” they are most likely talking about 3 reports:

  • W-2 Forms (with summary W-3 at the end)
  • Payroll Liability Report: to determine total employer taxes paid
  • Billing Invoices: to determine total fees paid to ADP

Make sure the date ranges match the accounting/tax period that your CPA is reporting for! Also when you click on “Print Report”, all the reports download directly as a PDF file that you can send to your accountant digitally


W-2 / W-3 Forms:


The last page of the W2 PDF should look like this:



Payroll Liability Report:

The report will look like this:
Payroll Liability Report



Billing Invoices Report:

The Billing Report will look like this:
Oracle Billing Invoices

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