Before getting into custom reports, is important to understand the difference between “Source” and Target” Intuit has a great article here:

This article is based on an article posted in the Intuit Community, but recently archived under: (must have an intuit community login to see)

Customer and sales reports

The report is a list of all customers that have a taxable sales tax code.

  1. From the Reports menu, select Customers and Receivables, then click Customer Phone List.
  2. Click Customize Report.
  3. On the Display tab, uncheck to remove Main Phone column.
  4. Scroll down the column list then check to add Sales Tax Code.
  5. Click the Filters tab.
  6. From the Filters list, select Sales Tax Code and from the drop-down, select All Taxable Codes or Tax depending on your need. Note: You may want to try one then the other to see which one gives you what you need.
  7. Click OK. You will see a report showing you all customers who are taxable.
  8. Click Memorize to save the report for future reference.




Vendor reports

Item reports

Company and financial reports

Payroll and employee reports

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