Comparing different version of QuickBooks is not an easy task.  So I want to make this as simple as possible, without getting too “techy”

First, if you have a Mac, you are down to two choices:

  • QuickBooks Mac
  • QuickBooks Online (Essentials or Plus)

I will not focus this articles on comparing QuickBooks Online, since it has the least amount of users compared to the rest.  The bulk of QuickBooks users are working on Windows are need to make the choice between Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

However, before doing that, I want to point out some of features that are NOT available in QuickBooks Mac that you can find on QuickBooks Pro or Premier for Windows:

  1. Sales Orders, available in QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise. more about this feature later on…
  2. Accountant’s Copy, available in all QuickBooks versions in Windows
  3. Large number of 3rd party apps that integrate with QuickBooks database
  4. More than 5 simultaneous users available in QuickBooks Enterprise
  5. Comprehensive Report Customization
  6. Integrated Payroll
  7. Multiple Currency
  8. Multiple Units of Measure
  9. Inventory Center or Inventory Assemblies
There is one Feature in QuickBooks Mac that I love which is the Transaction Center, which is a single screen where all the transactions are organized by transaction type… and this is not available in the Windows versions.

Now that I have made my point (blatantly biased towards the QuickBooks Versions), I’ll proceed to discuss the difference on QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.

QuickBooks Pro: Retail Price $249 (In certain sale dates, as low as $169)

  • All the core accounting and bookkeeping features that allows you to run your business, etc…

QuickBooks Premier: Retail Price $399 (In certain sale dates, as low as $269)

  • Everything included in Pro, plus;
  • Sales Orders: generate sales with inventory backorders
  • Inventory Center: single location to browse all inventory items, status of each part, and transactions  where that inventory part was used
  • Change Orders (Available in Contractor Edition): ability to add a note of the changes to an estimate that has been changed after the initial save
  • Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet (Available in Premier: Wholesale and Manufacturing Edition): single location to browse all Customer backorders and fullfillable sales
  • Balance Sheet by Class: track balance sheet items per every class (department or cost center)
  • Sales and Expense Forecasting: inaddition to budgets which are available in Pro
  • Working with up to 5 simultaneous users, Pro is limited to 3
  • Inventory Assembly: taking multiple inventory items and combineing them into a single item
  • Multiple units of measure: for inventory parts
  • Price level per item: allows you to have up to 750 a price matrixes per item
  • Billing Rates: to setup different employee or subcontractor billing rates with the same item
  • Review past Bank Reconciliations: with Pro you can only view the last one… Premier allows unlimited review or previous reconciliations
  • Reversing Journal Entry: duplicating a JE with inverse debits/credit
  • Create Purchase orders directly from Estimated or Sales Orders
  • Batch Invoicing
  • Job Costing Center: available in the Contractor edition of Premier
QuickBooks Enterprise: Retail Price $3,000 for 5 user to $8,000 for 30 user
  • Advanced user Permissions and Restrictions
  • Ability to upgrade to 6-30 Simultaneous users
  • Over 100,000 names and items. Pros/Premier are normally limited at 14,500
  •  Designed for larger data file sizes and network
  • First year US-Based Tech support at no extra charge
  • Ability to open 2 files at the same time
  • Ability to consolidate 2 or more company files into one consolidated financial statement
  • Advanced Inventory Module: Bar Code Scanning, FIFO Inventory Costing, Bin Location, Multiple Location Tracking, Enhanced Receiving without Bill.

There are two official comparison guides:
QuickBooks Online Family
QuickBooks all Versions


We cover some of these comparisons in our 3-day QuickBooks Course, but this article is meant to add value to that training.  In our QuickBooks Training Classes we cover Pro, Premier, and Enterprise features




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