A feature was added to QuickBooks Enterprise 14 allowing forms like checks, bills, and credit cards to be customized. It’s a big change since we, as QuickBooks users, haven’t really been able to customize these forms.

What’s an example of how this might be useful?

Some companies pay sales people on a commission basis. The more you sell, the more you make.

Some companies take that a step further and pay commission on the gross margin of a sale. That is, if you are the sales person, you get paid a commission on the difference between the cost and the selling price of the goods you sell.

How would we track that in QuickBooks?

It has not been an easy task in the past. Now, for QuickBooks Enterprise users, it is possible.

Open a bill and right click on the column header bar on the stub portion of the form.

Note the last command on the popup menu. Customize Columns. Following is a graphic showing what appears in QuickBooks when that selection is made.

Note that there are two columns that can be added, Sales Rep and Retail Price.

In some cases there may be several columns that can be deleted from the form. Only leaving those columns that will be used streamlines and hastens the data entry process.

With the Sales Rep field added to bills, our form now looks like this.

Now, the same list of sales reps that is available for invoices, is also available for bills. As purchases of products are made, they can be traced back to the customer involved (Customer:Job column) and the sales rep who initiated the sale of those products to a customer.

We can also create reports like the above that shows both the cost and sale of product made by VMI sales reps. We have the information needed to create a commission check based on the margin, not on the total sale.

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5 Responses to Adding Fields to Bills

  1. Avatar Robin West says:

    Is this feature available for Premier 2018?

  2. Avatar Juan says:

    Still only Enterprise?

  3. Avatar Pam says:

    We are not able to export GL detail for bills that have sales rep. You can see the sales rep on the screen but it won’t export the data. Do you know why?

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