New features are added to QuickBooks Online (QBO) on a continual basis. Two recent ones are the ability to add a subtotal to an estimate or invoice and the ability to find a customer or vendor by phone number.

Let’s look at the subtotal feature first.

We will use our sample company, Rock Castle Construction. Rock Castle wants to invoice a customer, Robert Allard for the installation of cabinets in Robert’s home. The invoice should show the materials used, and the price for the installation labor as well.

Here is a standard invoice for the customer Robert Allard.

All the components, including the price for the labor, are included on this invoice. The total, before tax, is $2498.70.

What Rock Castle Construction wants, is to be able to subtotal the materials on one line. Then they can add the labor charge. That way the customer can see what the cabinet and hardware price was at a glance. They don’t have to do the math themselves.

We will click the mouse on the line above where we want the subtotal. So, the line populated by the brass hinges. Then we will click the Add subtotal button. This will add a subtotal below the line that is active.

The active line is the line our cursor is on.


In the above screenshot, you can see the new subtotal line. Materials are invoiced at $2048.70. Labor cost is $450.00.


Another quick tip for today – finding customers and vendors by phone number.

We’ve all had this happen. A written message is left for us to call someone. It’s a customer, maybe a vendor. But we can’t make out the name from the message-taker’s handwriting. Or, they couldn’t understand the name so have written something little better than gibberish.

We do have a phone number though. 555-3422.


Ah. That’s Robert Allard.

Works for vendors too.

Note that this works for the Phone field only. Not the Mobile field.

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